Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Finally a Diagnoses: PCOS

My husband and I have known for a few years that something was wrong with me internally. Originally we thought it was thyroid problems. I went to several doctors including some specialist until one day I finally opened up to a close friend about my systems and my frustrations with not knowing what was wrong with me. To my surprise she stated she was going thru the same thing and suggested I get tested for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which is what she had been diagnosed with the year before. We compared notes and had most of the same symptoms:

-Abnormal and unexplainable weight gain
- Extreme hair growth (unfortunately not the good kind- I'm experiencing this on my face and can grow a full beard in about 5 days)
- Cyst growths on ovaries
-Irregular periods (I can go months and months without having a cycle)
- Infertility- now I currently have two children and would love to have more so I am hoping this is one symptom that isn't "active". According to my research and my doctor you can have one, all or a combination of the symptoms.

 So the very next day I made an appointment to see my OBGYN. Since he was pretty booked up that week I had to wait two weeks for my appointment so of course I set out goggling, pinteresting (I just LOVE pinterest- not sure what I would do with out these days!) and reading up on everything I could find about PCOS.

It didn't take long for the test results to come back positive for PCOS. At my doctors suggestion I am currently revamping my diet, and exercise routines. I'm in the process of starting to eat clean, cutting out Dr Pepper (which is my drug of choice!), and removing gluten. We're working together to find a birth control that will help regulate my cycle (which can help when my hubby and I decide to try for another baby). Which should help alleviate the symptoms and hopefully kick PCOS in rear.

I am also getting laser hair removal done on my face, which I am super pumped for! No woman truly wants to be able to participant in No Shave November, or be able to out grow her husbands beard anytime of the year. I've done one treatment and have already seen a good bit of decrease in hair growth!

2015 has started out as an eye opening year- and with this diagnoses I've added another item on my News Years Resolution list- Overcome PCOS.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Julius Jr. Julius' Invento-Cycle Review #JuliusJrPack #Chatterbox #toyreview #Fisher-Price

Julius Jr. Julius' Invento-Cycle Review  #JuliusJrPack #Chatterbox #toyreview #Fisher-Price

    My two sweet little's have recently discovered Julius Jr. and fell instantly fell in love with the show, so when the opportunity to review Fisher-Prices' Julius Jr. Invento-Cycle came about  I was ecstatic! The package arrived a few weeks after I was notified by email that my family had been considered for the Julius Jr. Chatterbox. In my Chat Pack full of wonderful goodies we got:

- 1 Julius Jr. Invento-Cycle

- 1 Julius Jr. coloring page

- 1 Activity sheet

- 6 Coupons for additional Julius Jr. toys or play sets (to share with friends and family)



The Fisher-Price websites states the Invent-Cycle is for ages 2 and up. It features a vehicle that "zooms along when pulled back" and a removable figure (Julius Jr.). You can purchase the toy directly from their website for $12 or find it in a store near you.

My son was really excited to rip into his new toy the minute it was delivered to our front door. I was only able to distract him long enough with the help of the  Julius Jr. coloring page to take a few pictures. His little sister got a little jealous that there was only one coloring page so I had to whip out a coloring book for her to keep them from arguing over the who got to color what and which color to draw with.

It didn't take them long to complete their "masterpieces". Nor did it take them long to learn the pull back mechanism to make Julius Jr. race forward across our hardwood floors. My little princess had a hard time with puling it back far enough (but since she is only 15 months I was expecting that). Her brother however had no problem with getting him to "race fast" as he kept yelling every time he let Julius Jr. speed past. My toddler's only issue was the Julius Jr. removable figurine would fall out of the cycle sometimes.  


Once my son mastered the pull back method he got more adventurous on where he sent the cycle zooming off too. Jumping ramps and flying down the front porch stairs were just a few dare devil stunts he had Julius Jr. complete. My kids can be pretty rough on toys so after about an hour of dare devil stunts I am pleased to see that Julius Jr. and his cycle are proving to be very well made and will last to achieve many more adrenal pumping stunts.                                                            

I think this toy set would be the perfect addition to child's stocking this upcoming holiday season and will be recommending it to all my mommy friends.
***I received the Julius Jr. Pack via Chatterbox for free in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering and Honoring #9/11 #neverforget

I remember sitting in my first period class (sophomore year) reverently cramming every last bit of notes in my head for a test we were about to start when we heard screams from the hallway. Our principle was running down the halls telling the teachers to put the news on. As we watched in horror as the events of that day unfolded there were many reactions. Most sat motionless in their seats, myself included. It's a day I will never forget. A day that has changed this country and those in it. Since then I have had many friends and relatives serve this country, many have returned home wounded physically and mentally. Its humbling the sacrifices that these individuals have and will continue to make for our country.  What were you doing on 9/11?

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer Recap

Miss Priss learned to stand up, climb onto things and of course blow kisses to her "boyfriend" Mickey Mouse. (Minnie better watch out!!)

We spent a lot of time at a few different zoos, and animal parks this summer.

I broke my foot :( Not my finest accomplishment over the summer but one that impacted us greatly.
The talented hubby graduated and started his first "big kid" job. BRING ON THE PAYCHECK!!

Little Miss Priss turned one!

Uma helped us move, unpacked for us and also helped us explore the new town until I got off crutches.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

My sons first hair cut #kickedandscreamthewholetime #firsthaircut #mustbeaneasierway #joysofmotherhood

In my ideal world my children's first hair cuts would be a low key event. We go in get it cut while they sat in a race car or animal seat happily eating the sucker the stylist gives them. I'd save the curly locks for their albums and afterwards we go to the park or out for ice cream to celebrate. Boy was I dreaming. . . .

Took my little prince to get his first real (not by my hubby) hair cut today. I'm not a drinking woman but after the last snip of the scissors I was ready for some alcohol. Since moving to a small town I didn't know where to take him- and lets face it the options were very limited. So after driving around the ENTIRE town I found a place that looked like it could work. I mean, the sign did say "Family" and lets face it driving around the entire town only takes 5 minutes.
My little prince was not so charming from the time we walked in till the hair cut was complete. I sat holding him while she cut his hair. It was painful! Screaming, crying, thrashing about. I'm surprised the stylist didn't accidently cut him or me for that matter. Oh the joys of motherhood. . . . . How did your kids take their first hair cut?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gallon Challenge #agallonaday #jumpstartingahealthylifestyle #stuffedballoon

I read somewhere on my Facebook newsfeed where (wish I could find it again- but wasn't able to) some lady decided to drink a gallon of water a day and document her experience for 30 days. If I remember correctly after about a week her face was clearer, she looked a few years younger and yada yada yada.  . . .

I'm interested in seeing if I have similar results- or if anything really changes at all other then the fact that I will probably be peeing x10 more often then I do now. . . . So here it goes. I am going to take the gallon challenge by the balls and see what happens.

Day 1: Today started off good- drank half of the gallon before I finished my lunch. Peed about 5 dozen times. The second half of the gallon was harder to drink. Just made me realize how much I HATE drinking plan water. But I did notice I didn't snack much during the day. Probably because I felt like a stuffed water balloon . . . .

Day 2: Still hate water. . . .but its getting easier to drink. No noticeable difference in my skin, my pee on the other hand has never been so clear.          

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mastitis #gameover #istillhateyou

Well Mastitis you gave a good fight but I beat you, maybe not fair and square but I beat you! Best part of all- my milk flow didn't suffer! Pretty lil princess will be able to continue nursing till she decides other wise! Thankful to have that over with!