Thursday, August 28, 2014

My sons first hair cut #kickedandscreamthewholetime #firsthaircut #mustbeaneasierway #joysofmotherhood

In my ideal world my children's first hair cuts would be a low key event. We go in get it cut while they sat in a race car or animal seat happily eating the sucker the stylist gives them. I'd save the curly locks for their albums and afterwards we go to the park or out for ice cream to celebrate. Boy was I dreaming. . . .

Took my little prince to get his first real (not by my hubby) hair cut today. I'm not a drinking woman but after the last snip of the scissors I was ready for some alcohol. Since moving to a small town I didn't know where to take him- and lets face it the options were very limited. So after driving around the ENTIRE town I found a place that looked like it could work. I mean, the sign did say "Family" and lets face it driving around the entire town only takes 5 minutes.
My little prince was not so charming from the time we walked in till the hair cut was complete. I sat holding him while she cut his hair. It was painful! Screaming, crying, thrashing about. I'm surprised the stylist didn't accidently cut him or me for that matter. Oh the joys of motherhood. . . . . How did your kids take their first hair cut?

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